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Why TopStart


Car Carriers


1. TopStart Features

TopStart offers the most comprehensively-equipped car carriers for sale in Australia.

Each one features full control car carrier, all decks, flaps & ramps are all controlled hydraulically with burst value technology for maximum safety.

The main valve bank features an oil pressure gauge to ensure pressure is going into the trailer. As there may be a problem with the truck's pump and nobody knows if it is the trailer or the pump is faulty. But try telling that to your driver that’s stuck on road & not able to unload a his trailer miles away.

The TopStart Super chassis it called the super chassis because is designed not only to take heavy commercial loads but also absorb the vibrations of rocky roads.  We allowed one customer to take one of our new 7 car trailers into the harsh conditions in Perth, the customer took routes of extreme road conditions, long distance country and dirt roads with full heavy commercial loads. The result the trailer came back and no cracks to be seen on the chassis.

Another Perth customer bought a new TopStart 7 car carrier then later also bought 2 new trailers of another brand (he didn't want to mention who but after short period of time they started cracking apart.) He told us the TopStart stands up well on the roads and of course he be coming to us for the next trailer.  





2. TopStart Solutions

We at Topstart help tackle each problem by providing quality sound design that’s proven again and again for improving lead times, a versatile design enabling heavy commercial work during tough times, and design control measures to help eliminate potential safety threats, vehicle damage and trailer damage 

A) Lead times waiting for a new trailer to be built while the contract is ready has a costly effect for the customer so we provide a system of supply first before demand, the result is trailer ready in weeks not months! 

B) Easy trailers to drivers and vehicle's, this can severely cost our customers in waiting for things to be repaired while industry keeps moving.  The trailer has a simple design an easy control layout.

To be honest I had another car carrier brand in our yard and I couldn’t figure out what was unlocking or locking or both and I design car carriers!  They just got to be easy to use and quick to figure out what’s happening.

In other words TopStart Car Carriers can Solve problems for you.




3. TopStart Quality

Let me tell you somthing about quality, it comes down to two simple things, does it look good and will it last. We are happy to state the TopStart Car Carrier is the best looking car carrrier in the world and one of the longest lasting trailers in the world. 

Just go down to Patricks and see TopStart 6 Car Carriers built in the 80's and 90's still working today

In terms of Quality the complete body undergoes an intensive blast stripping it away the impurities & rust.  Then it undergoes an array of paint works from prime, high fill, undercoat &

final gloss coat.  The result is a thick mirror finish resembling that of a euro sports car.




  4 car carrier

4 car carrier       


4. TopStart Benefits 

TopStart Car Carriers can help prosper our customers

Let face it you’re in this game to make money to feed your family, that why we make our trailers an affordable investment, simple easy to use trailer which means less costs to you by less damages & more profit.

I could tell how great our trailers are but to simplify things they save you time and money!

The trailers reduce loading time, help wind flow for saving fuel and offering an affordable investment for owner drivers & large fleet logistic company's. The combination provides a first class trailer that offers customers great value and a prosperous journey for its life.


5. TopStart Safety

Topstart was the first to implement safety rails on 6 & 7 car carriers. We are happy that other car carriers manufactures are leading by our example by keeping operator's safe from potential deadly accidents.  TopStart Remains to be the safest car carrier in Australia, why are we the safest? 

Our Top decks automatically lock as they lift, we use 8 safety rails instead of 4, The open access views provide alert viewing, and all locks are completely viewable.

We don't maximise pressure for the sake of a 2 seconds faster moving deck, its far better to have a lower pressure for longer lasting hoses & less incidence of burst and out of control decks.  If it saves someone’s life isn’t it worth it!

Car safety is also very important that’s why when you get a TopStart you get a wide access trailer for four wheel drives & smart ramps for Lamborghini’s Topstart Doesn't clamin to be the best for cars we claim to the best for cars & commericials vehicle's

Just take a look you know everything that’s happening on the TopStart Car Carrier because you can see what’s happening.        




7 car carrier-1



Truck Carrier Manufacturer    

6. TopStart Manufacturing

Australian built car carrier manufacturers are a must for the industry, welding, bending of material, 350 grade steel are all factors the effect the final product.

Stage inspections, professional hydraulic fitting, proven design formulas again effect the final product.

TopStart Trailers builds a 3 car carrier, a 5 car carrier, a 6 car carrier and a 7 car carrier.

For example the 7 car carrier is manufactured by the high grade materials from local companies across Australia, we make Australian built car carriers.

TopStart Car Carriers have a proven formula when designing and building it car carriers. It's not TopStart that clam this but our customers. "You guys know how to build a car carrier". After 25 years of manufacturing Car Carriers we believe we have a proven formula for manufacturing car carriers the our customers love.

It’s a refining process the take decades to develop and our customers get to enjoy the 27 year final result.


Call us to learn more about our range of car carriers for sale.