Generations in the making
TopStart Trailers is an Australian owned, two family generations, national car carrier trailer company with more than 25 years of experience in Semi Trailer & Car Carrier manufacturing. "Customer service is our first priority. We treat our customers with the upmost care, acting of the best intentions to serve them" Jimmy Bouzinelos Managing Director of TopStart.


TopStart Trailers dates back early in 1987 when Peter Bouzinelos, an engineer originally from Europe, was managing his own car carrier company. Peter had purchased a car carrier but he had problem after problem with damages to cars by poor design.

That changed in 1986 when Peter decided to build his own car carrier trailer that would be far more innovative, high-tensile & reduce the damages to cars when loading upon it while improving time efficiency. After being told it was impossible to build by a number of people, Peter put his engineering expertise into building the first 8 car carrier with its ability to transform into an open flat top, the first of its kind.

Peter's new trailers did prove up to the task and saved his company thousands of dollars in car repairs and had estimated 60 percent improvement in loading times.

Today TopStart Trailers lives on building a vast range of 3,4,5,6,7 car carriers and semi trailers. Peter's two sons Jimmy & George help manage the company while Peter who is over 60 still designs and builds car carriers and semi trailers with his bare hands. His motto is "In life you have to move forward otherwise you go backwards" Peter Bouzinelos, Founder & Managing Director of TopStart Trailers


State of the Art Technology
Built by the highest standards, we are satisfied to ensure that our Trailers are up to date with the latest engineering technology. Australian made low bake booths, German made machinery & genuine parts, professional state of the art design software, laser die cutting & material computer stress analysis are involved in our manufacturing process.