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Top News!  TopStart New Sport Ramps able to carry GT3 Porche on the new Gen7 7 Car Carrier 



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Car Carrier Manafacturer 

TopStart trailers are an Australian company and a two generation family business. One of the most prominent car carrier manufacturers in Australia producing innovated engineering design for more than 28 years. With a large scale factory facility base in Dandenong South in Melbourne, our impressive manufacturing equipment, technology and design capabilities are comprehensive and limitless. Due to are large scale factory, in as little as a estimated 8 weeks your car carrier trailer can be ready for pick up.

Every one of our car carrier trailers for sale is designed and built in Australia, and is hand built from the ground up. For 28 plus years TopStart car carriers trailers are still in service today! The good news is the return on your investment produces results in the bank!

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Australia Post turned to TopStart to design and build a major project trailer to fulfil Australia's needs, not only did we build it but we made it look absolutely stunning 







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how topstart got started





TopStart Trailers dates back to early in 1987 when Peter Bouzinelos, an engineer originally from Europe, was managing his own transport company. Peter had purchased a car carrier but he had problem after problem with damages to cars by poor design. One day something shocking happened the car carrier trailer broke in half on the road. Peter went back to the car carrier manufacturer only to be told that they were not wanting to fix it. He was so angry with not being looked after or covered by warranty.


That changed in 1986 when Peter decided to build his own car carrier trailer that would be far more innovative, high-tensile & reduce the damages to cars when loading upon it, while improving time efficiency. After being told it was impossible to build by an number of people, Peter put his engineering expertise into building the first 8 car carrier with its ability to transform into an open flat top, the first of its kind.


Peter's new trailers did prove up to the task and saved his company thousands of dollars in car repairs and had estimated 60 percent improvement in loading times.


Today TopStart Trailers lives on building a vast range of 3,4,5,6,7 car carriers and semi trailers. Peter's two sons Jimmy & George help manage the company while Peter who is over 60 still designs and builds car carriers and semi trailers with his bare hands. His motto is "In life you have to move forward otherwise you go backwards" Peter Bouzinelos, Founder & Managing Director of TopStart Trailers.





Peter Bouzinelos standing in front of a TopStart widener / extendable trailer.  Extendable trailer hire is also available through TopStart Hire.



 Jimmy Bouzinelos takes care TopStart Hire, which caters for tautliner hire, semi trailer hire, flat top hire and extendable hire for all states of Australia






Roll overs is serious danger to human lives, companies and Australian roads. Topstart's heavy chassis grounded the trailer at 26.4 degrees, what this means to our customers is TopStart Safety, TopStart Results and the TopStart chassis works!




Top News!  18 Hilux Car Carrier


TopStart Breaks the records, building a road train that can carry 18 dual cab hilux's under 4.6m (4.52m)




Link force engineering came to us wanting to carry 18 of Toyota SR 4x4 Double -Cab Pick up Hilux’s in mine spec. This was a design challenge because no car carrier is able to carry such high commercial’s on a full load,  (just the SR model by itself is 1860mm & with the roof bar & flashing beacon its higher than a Toyota land cruiser!  We had to resign & reimagine what a car carrier was and what it should be.   
The setup up is not a PBR setup up which means you can disconnect the trailers and use them separately and drive on the roads, you don’t need permits or PBR special routes.  Well we did it and we have our customer to thank sending us this photo with a quote "it was worth it!" and yes totally worth it!